Casual Cultures is a small independent clothing store based in Derby. I live here, I work here and I support my local team. That’s not to say I don’t draw inspiration from elsewhere. Living smack bang in the Midlands it’s hard not to pick up different traits – like being proper Northern and putting gravy on my chips or wearing Reebok Classics following England away like they do down South.

I love football, music, film, clothing, sessions and everything in-between. I would define myself as ‘Casual’ but what does that even mean anymore?

All the products I stock are from brands I like myself. Products are stocked because I know the quality is spot on, the design is unique and the brands are well respected. That isn’t because I’m on some mad crusade; Casual Cultures isn’t a massive enterprise and that will stay the same, and as such I like to stock brands you won’t find on the high street. This means when you buy from Casual Cultures you are buying a piece of clothing which is unique and not heavily produced. The original ideology of the casual was to stand out from the crowd in clothing which you wouldn’t see others wearing – like the lad on your estate who wore a Fila track top for the first time that no one else could source! I like those times and that is where I find my inspiration.

I’ve even started producing my own clothing, so whilst your here check out my Lombes label. Every piece I do is limited to 50 and so far we’ve sold out of every release – so i’m glad you get what I’m trying to achieve – means alot!

Whilst you’re on the site make sure to check out the ‘Journal’ section. I’ve interviewed some top bands (from some big artists to unsigned talent) as well as footballers, designers, influential visionaries and general top chaps. If you like your tunes, clothing and football, I guarantee you’ll like our interviews.

So thanks for checking us out, we hope you like what you see and the ideas behind the stock. I’m always happy to chat to like-minded people, so feel free to drop me an email and say hello.


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