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It’s time we finally got back on the blogging bandwagon. To mark our first post in a very long time, we caught up with Simen, one of the brains behind Scandinavian brand ‘Branchmen’ ( to discuss his love of Stone Island, Preston North End and what it’s really like running your own clothing company. Enjoy…   Welcome Simen, how are you today? Hi mate! The car’s just broke down, kids are sick with the flu, moneys short and I´m spending my … Read More


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The scandi-inspired Bristol lads making waves with affordable British Menswear, we caught up with Toby from Basläger.   Hello Toby, you’re one of the brains behind Basläger – how are you today? Hi Dan, very well thanks mate. Been very busy this week which is always nice. Thanks for having me today.   Cracking, now let’s get started. Where did the idea behind the brand come from? We had talked about running a clothing company for years, both being keen admirers … Read More

Lombes Clothing

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I’m extremely proud to announce the launch of our very own, in-house brand, ‘Lombes’. Wanting to take influence from my hometown and the history and heritage within the clothing industry that it brings, ‘Lombes’ is inspired by a revolutionary named John Lombe who commissioned the build of Lombe’s Mill, a historic former silk mill which marks the southern end of the Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site (currently known as Derby Silk Mill). John Lombe copied the design for the … Read More

A Northern Soul

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We caught up with photographer extraordinaire and northern soul, Peter, to discuss aspirations, inspirations and clothes. Check out the Q&A below…   Hello Peter, you’re the brains behind A Northern Soul – how are you today? Hi mate, I’m pretty good actually. It’s Friday and I’ve just finished two of the most hectic weeks in my life so I’m really looking forward getting some good time off with the kids and a glass or two.   Cracking, now let’s get … Read More

Hawkwood Mercantile

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If you are into your clothing and have Instagram, chances are you will be aware of Hawkwood Mercantile. A new label that’s getting big reviews for their tailor made jackets, we caught up with founder, Richard Illingworth to see how the brand is getting on…   Hello Richard, how are you today? Good thanks. Just on my way to work. Looking forward to getting into the office & cracking on as I’ve not been able to get in for a … Read More


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We recently caught up with Iain, owner of TRiCKETT, to discuss sports, clothing, new products and the joys of self-employment – enjoy!   Hello Iain, you’re the brains behind Trickett – how are you today? Haha, I would definitely say that Fern would argue with that statement. I would say I am the Les Ferdinand to her Alan Shearer. I am really well and really busy thanks sir, I hope you are too.   Cracking, now let’s get started. Where … Read More

Casual Connoisseur

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If you’re into your football, fashion, film and ale, chances are you will of heard of, and like Casual Connoisseur. A brand currently celebrating it’s 10 year anniversary, it’s now extremely hard to go to a match and not see a Weir Hat or graphic tee being sported by somebody within a 10ft vicinity – even with the limited print runs employed by the twins – Tom and Dan. My personal favourite brand of recent years, it was a pleasure … Read More


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The purpose of this blog is to create a platform for new, up-and-coming designers, in order to showcase their work and give them the platform to talk about their brand. One man who currently ticks all the boxes for what I want this blog to be about is Alex Otterwell, the man behind the brand currently making waves in modem menswear, Otterwell. Here is what Alex had to say…   Hello Alex, you’re the man behind Otterwell – how are you today? Hi Dan, I’m good thanks … Read More


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Here at Casual Cultures, we sometimes love the simpler things in life – like the beautiful Peak District scenery, and getting out on our bikes on a clear Sunday morning. Someone who shares these type of passions is Thomas, the brains behind one of our favourite new brands of recent times, Mamnick. We caught up with him recently to ask a few questions about the man behind the brand…   Hello Thomas, you’re the brains behind Mamnick – how are … Read More

John Brayford

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I first met John around 4 years ago when he still played for Derby County and I was working in the marketing department of the club. Footballers don’t often get great press these days, but it was clear from the start John was cut from a different cloth. Always happy to do charity work and the ‘other’ side of football many don’t get to see, he was always a pleasure to deal with, never seen without a smile on his … Read More

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